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totomagnum and 4D interference

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Step 1

To Analyze the Structure of 4D

4D-digits ranged from 0000 to 9999.  We re-group them into 10 categories according to the first digit, which we call “Manipulating Trend” in the website “my4D Bet Info” are as following :


0xxx : 0000 to 0999

1xxx : 1000 to 1999

2xxx : 2000 to 2999

3xxx : 3000 to 3999

4xxx : 4000 to 4999

5xxx : 5000 to 5999

6xxx : 6000 to 6999

7xxx : 7000 to 7999

8xxx : 8000 to 8999

9xxx : 9000 to 9999


The essence content of “my4D Bet Info” is to break any 4D-digits into 2 distinct parts :


Manipulating Trend + Summation.


Manipulating Trend consists of 1 digit, Summation consists of 3 digits.


If you collect only the 1st prize of every 4D draw results from Singapore 4D and/or Magnum 4D and/or TOTO 4D separately, and plot the graph of 1st prize’s first digit, you can see an obvious swinging movement.  This swinging movement interpreted as a manipulating trend by us.  Such a plot is very easy so we would do it for you.


After we deal with the first digit of the 1st prize, we use the Summation method to deal with the rest of the 3 digits as in “Summation”.  Do read the content of “Summation”.


If you read the content of “my4D Bet Info” thoroughly, you may not find any technical ways of dealing with the rest 3 digits.


Apart from Summation method in dealing with the rest 3 digits, we will express more in step 2.