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totomagnum and 4D interference

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Views about Singaporepools' decisions

The mistakes made due to avoidance

The totomagnum team can trace out those 4D-digits with the least bet frequency using an indirect method.  This advantage gives us high precision in predicting 1st prize and 2nd prize for Singapore 4D in Singapore , Magnum and TOTO 4D in Malaysia.  We have repeatedly ask these three 4D bankers to reveal more information about their prize structure, but they refuse to do so.  Now Singaporepools is making a severe wrong decision in combat against us, the totomagnum team.
As Singaporepools has many departments, the most profitable one happens to be the 6/45 lottery after 2002.  The presence of our interferring 4D-digits force the 4D department to pay out more.  The avoidance of interferring 4D-digits causing the 4D bankers to make less profit for 4D.  In the case study of Taiwan's 4D, known as "4星彩", you can find out that the total bets collected for each draw is almost the same.  Hence when the 4D bankers allow the number of 1st prize winners to increase, 4D bankers may have to face a loss situation.  In Singaporepools condition, the CEOs decide to draw the profit made from 6/45 lottery to amend their severe loss in 4D simply due to avoidance of our interferring 4D-digits.  They thought our precise prediction is by luck.  We know that all the tactics employed from Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, Computer Simulation, Non-linear Mathematics, etc. cannot reach what we achieved.  What make us even unacceptable is these 4D bankers thought we can be affected by their manipulation !!!!!!  This is indeed the greatest mistakes they ever make.  The same situation happen to Malaysia's TOTO 4D, which happen to be a subsidiary of Singapore; but the situation gets worse for Magnum as we see from the pattern of drawing outcomes.  Magnum only has one source of income, unlike Singaporepools or Malaysia's TOTO which have more than one source of income.
Moving the profit made from 6/45 lottery for more payouts in 4D due to our interferring 4D-digits will cause bad effect to both 6/45 lottery and the society.  We want to see the persons responsible for such move to be warned.
We sincerely hope that for the sake of social harmony, reveal the 4D prize structure as this 4D gambling is opened to the entire society.