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totomagnum and 4D interference

The Characteristics of 4D Bet Frequencies

slow, small and easy to interfere

After years of doing research upon 4D, we have reached a major breakthrough in predicting the outcomes of 4D.  We have to examine some facts about 4D as follows :


(1)  4D is a tremendous profitable business rather than any experimental invariance truth,

(2) Unlike 6/49 lottery, the prize paid is unlimited, ie 4D companies may go bankrupt if manipulation fails,

(3)  The strength of magnetic field can be change according to the electric current and the shape of magnetic field can be modified according to the shape of electric circuit, and a combination of them will exert manipulative result in short distance,

(4)  The bet frequency of each 4D digit has a slow changing trend, this is due to the habit and greediness of 4D gamblers,

(5)  The amount of 4D digits with low bet frequencies suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes falls below 200, provided the total bets sold over 1 million; the larger the amount of bets sold, the smaller the amount of low bet frequencies suitable for grand prizes.


We will disclose how to make use of our interfering 4D-digits in your biggest benefits in steps.