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totomagnum and 4D interference

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Irrationality of 4D gamblers

Mental Weakness of 4D Gamblers

The common mental weakness of 4D gamblers are :

(1)  They only ask for ONE 4D-digit,

(2)  They want to bet all they have on that ONE 4D-digit,

(3)  They are lazy to do any homework,

(4)  They are lazy to do any thinking,

(5)  They always buy their own preferred 4D-digits.


These mental weakness of 4D gamblers has one important effect, ie our interfering 4D-digits only works for the 4D bankers !!  Like playing chess, our opponent is the 4D bankers’ mental complexity.  4D bankers have to guard their huge profit, don’t you think so ?


Let us imagine.  If you have the ONE 4D-digit, what would you do ?  You bet 100 on this 4D-digit.  Your cost is RM100 or Sing$100.  But 4D bankers have to pay you back RM2500x100 or Sing$2000x100.  What happens if you increase your betting size ??  You may argue that your friends had won big or you have heard someone else had won big.  We agree with you.  But do you know what is meant by “once a blue moon” ??


Our goal is to track 4D bankers’ low bet frequencies distribution.  After reaching the goal, we intend to use our discovery to win EVERY draw.  This is unimaginable to these weak mental 4D gamblers.  They not only disbelieve what we said, but also laughing at us.


Owing to the mental weakness of 4D gamblers, the only opponent of our interfering 4D-digits is the 4D bankers' psychology.  We can defeat the 4D bankers of Singaporepools, Magnum and TOTO because they have to avoid what we present on the web even though their bet frequencies may be low enough for the 3 grand prizes.


Do study our interfering 4D-digits carefully on every draw, do what you like with our interfering 4D-digits, and try listen to our advice : not to increase your bets too much, you may win the 3 grand prizes in the coming months.