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totomagnum and 4D interference

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Step 2

To Corner the Choice Available for 4D Bankers

Almost all messages we received through either “Contact Us” or “Send us your comments” are Chinese readers, therefore we decide to provide you all with an important website in Taiwan :


Within this website you can find various method of dealing with 4D-digits.


After deciding the First Digit of your bet, the combination of the rest 3 digits is related to the bet frequency.  You can find some idea about bet frequency in our webpage “Bet Frequency”.  As we repeatedly call upon the 4D bankers to reveal their prize structure as Taiwan’s “4星彩” did, but they fail to reply to us.  At the end we know why.


In Taiwan, the 4D has only one outcome, but this is not the case in Malaysia’s Magnum, TOTO 4D and Singapore’s 4D.  We have 23 drawing outcomes in Magnum, TOTO 4D and Singapore’s 4D respectively.  They are separated into 3 Grand prizes, 10 Special prizes and 10 Consolation prizes.


The 3 Grand prizes indicates those 4D digits with low bet frequencies while the 10 Consolation prizes indicates those 4D digits with higher bet frequencies.  We make use of this important info within our computer programs to eliminate those 4D-digits fall within the Consolation prizes for the past 2 years to increase the precision of our bets.  This method also greatly decreases the cost of our bets.


You may consult the webpage from Taiwan as we provided above, together with the important info we provided above, do plot you own graphs for the rest 3 digits.  In another words, apart from the summation method, you may have other options to deal with the rest 3 digits.


As we can do computer programs ourselves, we work on huge data collected for the past 10 years.  We emphasize upon the 1st prize and 2nd prize for constructing our bets.  We summarize our bet construction as follows :


1.  Digital frequencies from the past 10 years,

2.  Frequencies of summation of 3 digits from the past 10 years,


After using 1st and 2nd prizes for constructing bets, we decrease the amount of our bets by eliminating those always match the drawing outcomes from the Consolation prizes.  If you are expert in Visual Basic, you can do the database programming using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to help you to see the manipulation done by 4D bankers.  If you can work with database programming, you can collect huge past drawing results and transform them into graphs, then you can see that the drawing outcomes from for 1st and 2nd prizes are not closely related to the Consolation prizes.


To ensure that we can strike every draws, we have to make 10 manipulating trends.  In another words, we will have to make 0xxx, 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx.  Before we realize that Consolation prizes can play an important role in eliminating those 4D-digits that would fall outside the Grand prizes’ pools, we face the cost problems.  We can only manage to win the Grand prizes on every 4 consecutive draws.  After realizing the usage of Consolation prizes, our betting cost can be greatly reduced.  To reduce the cost of our bets even further, we post 7 of our bets onto the web as our famous and threatening work : The Interfering 4D-digits.